Bill Payment Tracker - Multiple cards

Good evening,

Have a question, searched, but don’t think I found an answer. I am trying to set up Bill Payment Tracker to track payment dates for multiple credit cards. I have 4 chase credit cards, which I pay all from the same checking account. The transaction descriptions on the checking account and on the credit cards are the same. Is there a solution so that I can get accurate “Bill History Query” information for each credit card?

Thanks for the support!

How about using autocat to transform each transaction description to have a unique name. Then set up each one as separate bill.

MarcC -

Please confirm my understanding. Use autocat to change the descriptions on the CC side to change the transaction description on the CC to be more specific, then set up the bill. If I’m thinking correctly, it would be difficult to change the description on the checking account side, since there isn’t a differentiator on the transactions on that side.

Appreciate the quick feedback and help as I work through it and understand the functionality more and more


I’m thinking on the CC side use the advanced rule builder in autocat to filter on the payment credit card number. You can then transform each description to whatever. CC1, CC2,…. Setup each unique CC payment in bill pay. Here’s the autocat documentation.