Bill Payment Tracker template issue

I’m having an issue with the Bill Payment Tracker template from Tiller Labs.

I was going through my tiller money lab addons, and noticed i have a few that are out of date and need updating to the next version, the first one i did was the “bill payment tracker”, when i updated to the newest version it asked if i wanted to archive the old one or overwrite existing. i chose the archive as that was what was suggested, however when i did that it just created a blank payment tracker and all my data is gone (and now in the archived one). did i do that correctly? i dont want to have to re-input/setup every time there is a lab addon update, so im hesitant to update any other of the addons, which i dont like because then i am not getting the full features of the addons. suggestions? should i have done the overwrite option instead?

Good question, @dbennett642. Unfortunately, Tiller Money Labs templates that contain manually-entered data do not seamlessly update. I recommend you choose to archive the out-of-date version then manually copy-paste data into the updated version. (Fortunately, most Tiller Money Labs templates just consolidate data without containing manually-entered data.)

Can you just move the data into the updated sheet?

The Tiller Money Labs templates include a changelog so you can see if the update is meaningful to you. :wink:

Hi Randy. Copy and pasting the data did work for me. Thanks for your help.

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