Bilt Transactions

Hi there,

I use my Bilt Card to pay for my rent and electric [PG&E] bill but I’m noticing I don’t know how to categorize the transactions below.

For example August:

  • My PG&E bill total was [$63.60]
  • I paid the PG&E bill off with my Bilt Card [$63.60]
  • I then paid the Bilt Statement off with my Chase Checking Account
  • When I saw my transactions I saw there were three transactions like the ones listed below:
  1. Bilt Rent Ach Credit [+$63.60] from Bilt Account
  2. Bps*bilt Rewards B, New York, NY [-$63.60] from Bilt Account
  3. Biltpymts, Rent Pmt, x[LAST FOUR OF CARD], Web Id [-$63.60] from my Chase Checking Account

Can someone help me solve which of these would get categorized into my PG&E category and what two other categories would the other transactions fall under?

When I do stuff like that, I categorize the transaction that leaves my cash account as rent. The others I use Transfer so they are hidden and also zero out.

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My tact is similar. I assign different categories as money flows to provider. In my case, usually the credit card. And the rest is transfer.

I pay my electric bill with my credit card and pay the credit card from my checking account. Say bill is $50.

  1. There is a line item in my credit card account for -$50 bucks. Category = Utilities
  2. There is a line item in my checking account that paid the credit card for -$60. Category = Transfer
  3. There is a line item in my credit card account for +$50 where the money came in from the checking account. Category = Transfer.

I do the same as Susan with one small difference. I have a dedicated category named “credit card payment” that is type “transfer.” Only the charge from PGE to the credit card is “electricity”. Everything else is credit card payment

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I do the exact same as @richl. Only the transactions paid to third parties get set to expense-type categories. Any transactions involving moving between my bank accounts and credit/loan accounts are categorized as transfer-type categories. I have six in total that I use:

  • Account Transfer - Transactions that move money from one account to another, including PayPal/Venmo/etc.
  • Amazon - Used with the Amazon transaction import workflow. The transaction on my payment source and the [Amazon Order] offset is set to this category.
  • Credit Card Payment - The outgoing transaction from my bank account and the incoming transaction to my credit card balance is set to this category.
  • Investment Activity - This is a black hole transfer category for any buy/sell/etc transactions on my brokerage accounts. It is an unbalanced category and hidden from reports.
  • Net Transfer - Used for itemizing my paychecks. It represents the net pay after deductions. The itemized net payment and the deposit into my bank account(s) are set to this.
  • Transfer - A catch-all generic transfer category. It is rarely used, mainly for trial deposits when linking accounts for online banking.
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