Bitcoin Tracking Schedule

Hi, is there any way to track bitcoin acquisition / sales transactions in Tiller?


No, there is no specific template. However, you should be able to export data out of the crypto trading platform that you use and get it into Excel where you can manipulate it to meet your needs. I use Binance US, not Coinbase. Much lower fees. I track manually in the portfolio tracker at CoinMarketCap which is free. Everybody dealing with crypto needs to become knowledgeable about the tax rules. Note the crypto question at the top of page one of Form 1040. You need to check that box even if you were only buying. Gains from selling (and even swapping) crypto are taxable. The IRS is getting much more aggressive in this area. Please please do not get yourself on the wrong side of the law here. Blake

Check this for an update on the crypto question on this year’s tax return.

Thanks! I guess they are just asking yes or no at this point? There’s no supporting schedule?

Since we use a 3rd party data aggregation service it’s really on them to include support for crypto. We don’t have a timeline on supporting multiple or other aggregators that might support crypto. Your best bet is a manual export/entry approach.

I understand. What I was asking is if anyone had already created a workable template.

Not that I’m aware of. If you come up with something, feel free to post it in Show & Tell.