BlockFi Credit Card Feed?

Anyone here try to connect their new BlockFi credit card? (one of the first credit cards to give users rewards in bitcoin?). It is available as a bank feed to add and I even get so far as it asks me for my 2-factor authentication but then I run into an error.

Anyone else have any luck?

@chrskpr It looks like the connection to BlockFi is currently in beta with our data provider. That means it is likely that you will experience some connection issues, or may be unable to get it connected at all, until it’s fully supported.

@warren Thanks for the update, any ETA on the connection being fully supported?

Seconding this, would love to know if there is an eta on this. My Blockfi card is my main credit card now so not being able to pull in those transactions is a big pain.

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Thirding this! @chrskpr have you found an option on the BlockFi site to export a csv or something similar?

I have been manually inputting my credit card purchases from Blockfi. Not ideal, but it’s a workaround until this is addressed.

+1 for BlockFi card.

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Just received my card as well. Of interest to me as well

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Looks like there is definitely demand for BlockFi! @data I have not found a way to export a csv from BlockFi’s site (only PDF statements). I still have a Quicken subscription and to my surprise, the data download and connection works on Quicken, so I can download with Quicken to excel and then add to my Tiller spreadsheet.

Could that work without quicken, manually?

@bsrabian - not sure what you mean. I’m using Quicken’s ability to sync to BlockFi, Quicken downloads my transactions into Quicken, which I can then export to an excel file and then use Tiller’s manual transaction import with Tiller’s generic import spreadsheet. But I don’t know any other way to setup a connection. The only other real manual way is to input every credit card transaction yourself. Maybe there is a way to export the BlockFi PDF into an excel sheet, so Excel recognizes the different columns and lines?

I double checked on this and it looks like right now our data provider only supports the “investments” account types. Bank (checking,savings) account types are in beta. The credit card account type isn’t on the list at all so that may be a bit longer.

Has anyone that has investments at BlockFi been able to get the site connected?