Browser error - Unable to load file

I have been using Microsoft Edge as a browser to work with my Foundation Template. However, for the last several days, I have received an error when opening the Template, and can’t get past it: “Unable to load file / A browser extension is preventing Docs from opening this file. Try turning off your extensions, then reloading the page.” The only option to close the error is to Reload, but that has not corrected the issue. Has anything changed on the Edge or Tiller side recently? Or any other suggestions to resolve this? Using Chrome could be an option but is not my preference if there are ideas.

I use Edge with Tiller, and everything is working fine for me, so it’s not an across the board issue. Perhaps try clearing your Edge cache/cookies/etc?

@ajd1923 – if you are using a company computer or network, there could be a security policy that changed. Otherwise, it could be security certificates that expired.

Trying another browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, could help you determine if the problem is Edge-specific or occurs with any browser on that computer.

I also suggest that you look for an error log that provides more detail regarding the problem.

Good luck!