Budget Journal Sheet - Note Column

When I click Update Budget Savings, I get the new changes inserted at the top of my Budget Journal sheet. However, the Note column isn’t being inserted. The note from the old rows 2 and 3 stay in the new rows 2 and 3. I can fix this by simply inserting two cells at the at row two but I would think this should be automatic.

I think the Note column is usually left empty for you to manually enter a note in that workflow. Would that explain the behavior, @pixel.dick?

In my sheet it is never left blank. I manually enter an explanation for each adjustment. If I was to guess at an explanation, the routine that enters the new rows of data isn’t inserting in that column.

So I understand, @pixel.dick

  • You always manually enter a note for each new row in Budget Journal
  • When you use the Tiller Money Labs add-on to update your Savings Budget, the new adjustments appear at the top of the Budget Journal sheet, but the Note field(s) from previous entries are not moved lower in the table with their adjustment rows

Is this accurate?

To be fair, about two weeks ago I upgraded to the foundation template and the Budget Journal sheet. I was previously using an older Template and the Rollover feature (envelope budget).
I used the Tiller Money Labs add-on to update my Savings Budget twice. The first time was transferring my rollovers to the new sheet and most recently I made one adjustment.

To answer your questions, yes to both.