Budget not updating in subsequent months

I’m just setting up my spreadsheet and entered a budget for January 2022 (in the Categories Tab). Subsequent months are not updating all the categories with the budget amount. Some categories updated for remaining months, but many are not. Any suggestions ?

Welcome @mccoolmaryjane :wave:

If the budget amounts are not automatically cascading to the right it means that the cell does not have the simple formula referencing the previous cell. This is the default in rows that were already in the Foundation template out of the box, but if you inserted rows or you specified a month with a unique budget value the formula will no longer exist.

Does that help?

Thanks Heather.
I updated the formulas and that seemed to work. Follow on question - can I create a biweekly budget that corresponds to my pay periods? I would like to track my spending that way. I tried this, but I notice it does not work with the Monthly Budget Dashboard
Any tips on editing the Budget Dashboard to work with biweekly budget?

@mccoolmaryjane the Foundation template doesn’t support a bi-weekly budget. The only ideas that come to mind are just try to shift your thinking about your budgeting to use a monthly budget, even though you get paid twice a month.

Or you could have categories that reflect each paycheck

Like this:

Income Types
1st Paycheck
2nd Paycheck

Groceries Week 1
Groceries Week 2 and so on .

Does that help?