Budget not working as expected

Not sure this qualifies as Tiller Labs (it’s really quite challenging to distinguish between what’s “labs” and what’s “core”), but here goes…

I’ve added some forecast numbers on the Categories sheet, starting with this past december (header: “Dec 2019”) and going through December 2020.

When I switch to the Monthly Budget sheet and set the date to Year:2019 & Month:December, the actuals populate as-expected, but the “Planned Cashflow”, “Spending Budget” and “Income Budget” all show $0.

Is there something I’m missing about how this is supposed to work? Shouldn’t the amounts I entered under “Dec 2019” be showing in the Monthly Budget for December 2019?!? :flushed:

@clozach no worries! Anything related to the Foundation template or Tiller Money Feeds add-on is core (and you can reach out to support@tillerhq.com). Otherwise, it’s probably Labs and support happens here on the community. (You’re doing great, it’s still new and still a little confusing to us too…)

It sounds like the Foundation Template. The budget amounts should be showing on your dashboard and should be helping calculate cash flow so if they’re not maybe there is a bug in the sheet.

If you reach out to support@tillerhq.com directly we can help you figure out what’s going wrong there.

Thanks, @heather. Will do!