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It sounds like the formulas may not have been setup in the Categories sheet. Check the installation instructions again and make sure you copied the formula to your Categories sheet, made sure it matched your columns, and then copied it across and down to fill all your Categories sheet budget period cells.

Thats what I ended up doing for this year as this is my second year. I was just thinking of a way to minimize needing to manually edit what may be a bunch of different budgets every year. I may resort to changing the color of the tiles so I can quickly track them for editing purposes every year if an automatic alternative isnt available. Thanks.

This would work if it wasnt a budget over just a 4 month duration every year, at least for this specific budget. Others may be different so I am looking at the best ways to make these more proficient if I ever need them.

I want to build out the monthly schedule on a weekly basis. How would I adjust this formula to view it on a weekly basis instead of the grand total for the month?


The Tiller Foundation Sheet is based off a monthly budget, and since Budget Plan is just a fancy front end for the foundation sheet’s Categories sheet, making changes to Budget Plan won’t affect how you see your budget info. Someone would need to build a ‘Weekly Budget’ sheet that shows budget based on weeks instead of months, then maybe altering Budget Plan to feed that would work…

First of all, thanks for this amazing sheet! I can’t imagine the thought and time that went into it. I do have a question, though. My entire Tiller spreadsheet seems to be running slower since I add the budget sheet and completed my budget. I suspect that’s related to the calculations the budget sheet is performing when I change my sheets. Is that expected? Is there a way to “disable” the budget sheet? I assume if I delete the sheet I’ll lose everything. I’ve tried hiding the budget sheet, but it makes no difference. Thanks!

Yeah, it is a bit processor intensive, so you may see a performance hit. The only way to get around that is to setup your budget, and then in the Categories sheet, convert the formulas into numbers by copying them, and than pasting “as values”. Once you’ve done that you could delete the Budget Plan sheet, and it wouldn’t affect anything. Of course the downside is you loose the ability to make adjustments to your budget, or to see the list of item with individual amounts (the categories sheet will only show it at the category level). I have a new version coming out soon, not sure if it’s better or worse yet when it comes to processing. I’m hoping it uses less processor…

First, I absolutely love this template. Besides the lengthy lag between a change, then that change being reflected in the projection, it’s perfect.

My question: How would I budget for a savings account contribution, when used in concert with the savings budget template? If I budget it as an expense, when the contribution comes through on the transaction sheet as a positive, it appears on the savings budget as if I now have double the available amount in the budget. It is technically an expense as it’s coming out of my income, but I’d like the “savings” in the savings budget to reflect the balance of the account. Any ideas?

Hmm, an interesting one. It’s not really an expense, it’s a transfer. You’re moving money from one category to another, so it never leaves your net worth. If you wanted to represent this in Budget Plan, I’m thinking you’d have to have an expense item in one category, and an income item of the same amount in another category. They would balance each other as far as effect on net worth, but should reduce and increase category budgets as you view them in Savings Budget.

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I can not get the “past category” to populate properly. Only zeros fill in. Please advise.

Past Category pulls transactions from 1 year previous to the budgeted year. If it’s showing zero, it probably isn’t finding any transactions from 1 year ago in that category, check your Transaction sheet to confirm if this is true.

I have every transition for 2022 marked with a category. Every line item has a category. I must be missing something.


If your Categories sheet includes budget months from 2022, you would have to update the cell M3 on Budget Plan to "1/1/23’ to tell it to skip over the 2022 months and use the 2023 months.

If that doesn’t fix it, you might want to try the beta version I posted here to see if you have any better luck.

Thank you. Looking at the categories I noticed now that the year was 2021. I made the adjustment and all is well now. Thank you so much


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Just a couple of questions. A few weeks ago you’d mentioned that Weekly tracking would be fixed soon. So here’s my questions:

  1. How do we know if there’s a new version to install?
  2. Best way to install it.


Oh, by the way, I love this sheet. Thanks for making it!

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If you open the Tiller Community Solutions Add-on and you have a template installed, it will show a red dot next to the Manage tab and will provide upgrade information if there is a new version available there. Unfortunately, you need to keep an eye on that tab. There is no way to get an email notification at this point.

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Thanks! Do you know when the weekly budget option will let you pick a number bigger than what it currently is? I’d like to schedule some things to happen at 7 weeks and it doesn’t work correctly.

I have a beta version that fixes that, it’s been out for a while without any reported issues, so I think we’ll push that update soon, probably this week.

Hi, this is a fantastic template! Thanks for all the hard work.

How much effort would it be (for me) to adjust Budget Plan to allow for budgeting period longer than 12 months? For example, I’d like to budget from Jan 2023 - Jun 2024 and have that feed into the Categories for the same period.

From inspecting the formulas it seems they mostly assume a 12-month period so seems it would be a big undertaking?

I’ll be releasing an update in the next few days that should be a little easier to modify, but that being said, some of the options will probably still be tricky to convert.