Budget Worksheet Questions

The Monthly budget worksheet has a column for Budget, but where do I set these budgets values?
I do not see such a column in the Categories worksheet.

It would be so nice to simply set my budgets for each category and have it be compared against the Actuals column in the Monthly Budget worksheet.

When I set the Budget Column in the Monthly Budget worksheet, it breaks the references for that column.
I end up having to fix it manually.

Is there a suggested workflow for this?

The budget nums are set in the Category sheet starting with column e. you set them up there and then they are carried across to all the other sheets that use them (like the Monthly Budget sheet).

It’s also set up so that the amount you put down for january for each category is also automagically copied to the rest of the months.

If you are using the Envelope Budget, you can set your budget amounts on the Monthly Budget Sheet under the Budget Column (column H)

Thanks, I had done that too. I’m using the tiller foundation template and my budget sheet in there is not an envelope template, something different, it says “Monthly Budget View” instead of the envelope budget that says “Monthly Budget Dashboard”. So going to go with that. Thanks!