Budgeting and categorizing for savings accounts

In the past I’ve used the Monthly Tiller budget for the rollovers. I’ve liked it but thought I’d dabble with the new Foundation template that doesn’t support rollovers. I think that using the yearly budget sheet can help me see the the income I’ve saved for certain categories (similar to rollovers) like putting $100 toward my water bill but only spending $70 this month will show $30 left.

The question I have is that I’m not starting with $0 in my bank account, so how do I spend those dollars on paper? Is there a way to track and categorize my savings? I thought about adding an income line in January of the total savings amount I have and allocating to each category until it gets to zero (zero based budgeting) but that way will inflate my income and double count the savings, right?

Do any of you budget your savings? I use Ally and they recently released the savings buckets. I’ve distributed the funds into buckets there but it seems to me that it’s just a fun way to see the numbers. I’d rather see a spreadsheet with total amount in savings with allocation to certain categories. This worked great with rollovers since I just made the rollover numbers that set number I figured out at the time I started budgeting, then each month with my income, added more to be rolled over.

Any advice?