Budgeting for Annual Expenses


Tiller newbie here! Loving Tiller so far compared to all the other options out there. I’m using the foundation template.

I tried search the forums but couldn’t find an answer to this question.

I need a way to track categories that I budget for annually. Is there a cell that I can alter on the “yearly budget” sheet to allow tracking of annual items (travel, non-regular income) on that sheet? I tried altering the numbers in column “B” but it broke the sheet. There are no formulas in the cells so I’m a bit confused as to where they get there data from.



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Hi @pnkilpatrick,
Budget amounts need to be entered in the Categories sheet.

In the Foundations template, you should see Monthly Budget columns on the right where you can enter monthly budget values.

If you have a yearly budget amount, I’ve recommend you split the yearly amount into 12 equal parts and put those values in each month.

Then, your Yearly Budget sheet will use these budget values. Budget values should not be entered in the Yearly Budget sheet. That sheet uses the Categories sheet budget values.


If I do this it will completely mess my monthly budget up when I spend $2000 on a vacation in one month. Also my understanding is the foundation template doesn’t roll over balances from month to month.

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Hi @pnkilpatrick,
That’s correct. The Foundation template doesn’t roll over balances.

For rollover budgeting, you might want to look at the Tiller Budget template which doesn’t work with the Foundation template. More info:

I understand the issue you mention that your monthly budget will be “messed up” if you spend $2,000 on a vacation in one month. Variable yearly large expenses on a monthly budget can present problems.

On the yearly budget view, you will get an accurate yearly picture. On the monthly view during the $2,000 vacation spending, you might need to mentally account for the expense when reviewing your budget. From a cashflow perspective, you did spent $2,000 that month so showing that expense might have value to some.

Using the Foundation template budget amounts live in the Categories tab.
I would add this line:
Category Group Type Amount
Vacation Discretionary Expense $2000 in the month you intend to spend the money

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