Budgeting level: Crazy - Help if you dare

Here’s my FIRST (of many) questions so I can get going: I need to backfill the Tiller Budget with AT LEAST all of my data from January 1 of this year and then create a monthly budget and fill it out for each month of the year so I can be ready to actually USE Tiller Budget starting for October 1.

I have all of my data from YNAB and have massaged it into Tiller’s format but I need to know if the transaction id field is required? I left it blank but something isn’t working when I try to roll out the budgets I can’t get the transactions I manually imported to affect the budget. Any ideas.

Question 2: How do I load in transactions from accounts that no longer exist? I closed a credit card and a checking account this year.

In case you care WHY I need to load in so much data, here it is: I am a CRAZY budgeter due to the fact that we are in agriculture and receive 70% of our annual income in a lump sum around December first… If I don’t do insane level budgets we get a repeat of the year we ran out of $$ in September, or worse, the year I had to take a loan to cover our estimated taxes (on money we wouldn’t even receive for 6 more months, but I digress). I use a hybrid annual + monthly budgeting scheme that is driven by a set of spreadsheets. I’ve gone through several off-the-shelf budgeting solutions but none can keep up with my brand of crazy. The Tiller Money Feed is very promising for me if I can get it going.

I’m gonna dig around in the Budget History sheet. It was probably hidden for a reason, but I like to walk on the wild side!

I’m inspired by your vision for this budget, @christinalinneman.

Question 1: I can tell you that Transaction Id is an optional field that is not used in any of the templates. If you have incomplete data for that field, don’t sweat it.

Question 2: Do you have records of the transactions from the closed accounts (e.g. from a CSV or a YNAB export)? Tiller Feeds can retrieve 30-90 days of history from accounts you still have access to. If you don’t have access to the data anymore (or a record of it), I’m afraid it may be lost.

If you’re trying to backdate your budget, you will probably need to familiarize yourself with Budgets History. That sheet is kind of the :brain: of the Tiller (Envelope) Budget. For the most part, the scripts manage the contents (that is why it is hidden), but, when working retroactively, it is often necessary to manually enter data.

Good luck,

Hi @christinalinneman,

Wanted to provide a little more context and point you to a few resources.

@randy is right, the missing Transaction IDs for manual transactions don’t matter, but please don’t remove that column. It can be very useful for troubleshooting data feeds (reach out directly to support@tillerhq.com with those questions).

The other thing I want to share is that if you’re just starting out in the Tiller Budget and are trying to use rollovers we don’t set the rollovers for the prior period. One two periods are created in Budgets History when you start out. The current period and the prior period. When you set the Rollover To on the Categories sheet it only applies to the current period in Budgets History, not the prior period.

You can also manually add past and future periods to Budgets History. Here is the section on working with Budgets History in that template. There is a video that talks through how to wire up the Rollover TO categories for past periods.