Budgets History Sheet editing

I’m relatively new here and trying to find my way after a false start with the Foundation budget I’ve started again with the Tiller Budget. (You guys should come up with more distinctive names - it’s very confusing!) Anyway, I’ve now found my way to the Budgets History Sheet and I’d like to enter my budget for the coming full year by month starting in September. Right now I only have two lines of budget in rows 3 and 4 for September and October. I need rollovers since we often go over on a category in one month and then recover the next month - like buying gift cars on sale for 3 months worth of gas so that eventually it catches up.

With that in mind I’d love to understand the following:

  1. Can I add rows to the Budgets History Sheet below row 4 for the rest of the year or will that break something?
  2. The columns of all the expenses and Income categories in the Budgets History sheet are seemingly random. Can I re-arrange them without any consequences? It would make pasting my budget from another spreadsheet a whole lot easier?
  3. For the Rollover To rows is there a way to automatically make the next month the same as the current month?

Any other tips are appreciated.



Hi @chris1,

Great questions and we agree on the naming. We’re still in the process of cleaning up/transitioning these tools after some major product updates from the summer.

The guide for the Tiller Budget is here and talks through the way to add future months.

The Rollover To will move from month to month automatically as new months are generated. We just don’t automatically set it for the first period (in your case September) in case you want it to be different in Oct. Whatever is in the Rollover To column on Categories will be used in the current budgeting period so if that doesn’t change, they’ll be exactly the same each month.

I don’t recommend rearranging the columns in that sheet.

@heather. Hi I can’t seem to figure out how to add a future month to set up my next month’s budget. I’ve followed the instructions of adding another line in Budgets history with the first date of that month as the period and then run the analyze budgets history function. But instead of creating a new line it just deletes the line I created in Budgets history. Any ideas? Thanks! - Colin

:wave: @cve!

Did you also enter the correct period end date and other values from another correctly formatted row?

This video goes over it in the most detail:

I was able to figure it out! I’m dumb. I duplicated my budget sheet to test this out as it was suggested and then wondered why the analyze budget history function didn’t work. Got it working though. Thank you!

Glad to you got it working! Be easier on yourself.