[Bug Report] The subtotal row in the Monthly Budget tab is not separating Income vs. Expense

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In the Monthly tab, the subtotal rows are adding everything within that category, regardless of Income vs. Expense.

For example:

I have $10,400 in income and $500 in expenses for that category, which separates correctly at the category level, but in the subtotal row both Income and Expenses shows $10,900.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to change / fix on my end.

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Incidentally, the Yearly budget tab is working as expected with subtotal rows. It’s just more to consume visually so would like to work out of Monthly tab unless reviewing multiple months simultaneously

Hi @hfinkelstein,

I believe you’d want to use a separate group for the expense category and one for the income instead of using one group for both. E.g. “Green Peak Lab Income” in a group and then your subsequent income categories are assigned to that group.

Perhaps this provides a little more clarity:

You used the same group name for both. They need to be unique, even if the income/expense column is different. So like @heather said, you should call them “Green Peak Lab Income” and “Green Peak Lab Expense”.

That seems confusing and against the point.

In this case, GPL is a small business (not worth using the business architecture) effort and I want to be able to track the aggregate income and expenses within 1 single category.

Also strange that it’s the expected behavior in the Annual tab but not the Monthly tab. Any reason why those aggregating calculations wouldn’t be aligned?

I converted everything over to Money Feeds Add-on this weekend, and noticed the same thing with the Monthly Budget. I also think the Yearly Budget sheet is incorrect too based on looking at the sub totals. Both sheets properly put the correct Category Name into the row location (income or expense) and include the associated dollar amounts on that same row. What’s not correct, as you mentioned @hfinkelstein is the sub total light grey bars by Category Group within the Category Type. The sub totals includes all amounts from the income and expense Category Type where the Category Group Name is the same. I could see this being a feature request instead of a bug because it threw me too.

Happy to report when I change the Category Group to be unique as you mentioned @heather, it’s fixed.

On a side note, and I can put it into other report if that’s easier. In the Monthly Budget, the column order is Budget then Actual whereas in the Yearly Budget the column order is reversed to Actual then Budget. That’s super confusing to look between the two sheets and have the data be differently represented.

@Richard, thanks for the great feedback. We’ll work on adjusting the column order in one of the dashboards so that they’re the same.


We updated the order of the Yearly Budget sheet to reflect your suggestion here. You can get the latest version via the Tiller Labs add-on.


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Great thank you @heather
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