Bug report with manual cash transaction

Yesterday I created a manual deposit to my “Cash” account with the “update balance” box ticked and accidentally left the amount blank. It created a $0 transaction but also reset my “Cash” account balance to zero. I was able to fix the balance it by editing the balance history sheet but it seems like that isn’t the intended behavior.

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No if you were able to fix it on the backend, you’re good; sometimes tiller makes certain assumptions that wasn’t our intention or what it predicted.

Removing the extra row in the Balance History is the right solution, @withak. When you check that box, we just write a new row to that sheet. There is no data pushed to the backend.

You’re good.

Something needs to be fixed though, right? When I’ve entered a non-zero cash transaction with that box checked before it has updated the cash account balance correctly, not reset the balance to an incorrect number.

You’re suggesting that the ux needs data validation to prevent an empty amount field from writing a zero balance?

I think so. Not sure why someone might want to enter a transaction with an empty amount, but if they did they probably wouldn’t expect that to cause a balance to reset to zero.

Thanks for sharing, I can see how data validation can help here. People make accidents too, could help with just general confusion.