Business Dashboard - One Group not filtering data to Focus Bar Chart

In the Category Focus bar chart I have one specific Group that doesn’t filter data. Every other category and group populates correctly. This same group, which is an “expense” type, does show up on the “Expense by Category Group” pie chart. Any idea why the data isn’t showing up on the bar graph? I have restored the dashboard and it didn’t fix the issue.

I’m not certain but my hunch is that you have an apostrophe or a problem-character in one of the category names. Sometimes when data is aggregated for a chart with the QUERY() function, special characters can break the query.

Can you review your categories for this?

Another thing you could try is to unhide the hidden area (where we aggregate the data for display) to the right of the Business template. Look for any formulas that are throwing errors and post a screenshot in this thread if you aren’t able to resolve it on your own.