Business vs. Personal Categories + Quickbooks

Hi all - New to Tiller and loving it so far.

I might be overcomplicating this, but I’m stuck on how to best categorize transactions so that when I ultimately run reports it’s simple and easy to understand between my personal and business spending. Our business has also just started using Quickbooks so ideally the categories we use over there are similar to what I use in Tiller. I have set-up 2 different sheets - one for personal and one for business, but I’m stuck with categorization.

An example, Tiller uses Restaurants (Category) under Discretionary (Group). For personal that works for me, however, if I use that same logic under business it doesn’t make as much sense. Quickbooks uses things like Meals with Clients or Meals Travel (Category) under Meals (Group). That works from a business context, but not so much for personal.

What I am trying to solve for is to eventually run a report that shows me easily how much I spend on eating out personally and via my business without having 100 categories because some make sense for one part of my life vs another. And without reinventing categories in Quickbooks either.

I can’t be the first person to run into this so thought I would ask, but can’t find anything in the forum. Thanks.

You can customize your categories and groups to whatever you like. If you had something working in Quickbooks, you could set up categories and groups with the same names in Tiller, just go to the Categories sheet and add or remove as needed, then apply those to your transactions.