Calculating a transaction on a card with 0% APR?

I got a CareCredit card recently where a large charge hit that account, but I don’t want to count the transaction as “spent”, as in counting toward my month cash flow. I only want to count the monthly payments to the card (as it’s 0% interest, rather than something I need to pay normally). I’d still like the keep the account connected to accurately reflect my net worth. Is there a way to do this?

@ianhyzy In cases such as this, utilizing the transfer category or setting up a new category to use for these type of transactions and opting to hide from reports works well. This can all be set up in the categories tab.

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Please please make sure you understand the 0% rate. If you do not pay off the entire charge before the 0% rate ends, it is likely the credit card company will charge you interest (maybe 29.99%) retroactive all the way back to the date of the original purchase.

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Oh yes, I have multiple calendar reminders set before the cut-off date. I should be able to pay it off much sooner than that but wanted to take advantage of the time they provide.And yes, they are extremely usurious and will screw you as soon as that date passes.