Can connection tentative ETAs be updated with realistic dates?

I’m new to Tiller as of last month. I’ve been waiting for the Vanguard connection to work, since the tentative eta of it working is always about 2 weeks out. However, instead of it working in the timeframes given, it keeps getting pushed out. And the “issue start date” keeps getting pushed out, too, and that doesn’t make sense. This looks to be the case with all of the connections that don’t work.

Can realistic dates be provided so that the customer isn’t responsible for checking and continuously seeing that the timeframes provided weren’t met and also left not knowing when they will be since the timeframes given aren’t accurate? Thanks, Lindsay

I think everybody with broken account connections feels this pain. Unfortunately, to fix these connections, Tiller is at the mercy of either its data aggregator, Yodlee, and/or the financial institution that is broken. Not sure how much leverage Tiller has in these situations, especially if it was the financial institution itself that broke the connection (which is often the case).

(And, fwiw, I don’t know of any other product of this type that provides the type of transparency that Tiller does on how many and which accounts are down.)