Can I manually select two transactions and reconcile them?

I searched the community; the closest matches to my issue still did not address what I want to do.
In my Google spreadsheet, I see two transactions - one manually entered, the other downloaded from the financial company account - which I know to be identical. When I run the Reconcile Transactions operation, it does not match these two transaction iterations. I’m sure it has to do with one of the iterations missing key data.
Is there a way to simply select the two rows in the spreadsheet that correspond with the same transaction and “manually” force them to reconcile?
Thank you.

I think once you’re going manual, you can just delete the manual transaction. But I would see what in the two transactions are there that causes it to mismatch and see if there’s anything to be done during transaction entry.

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I’d rather merge the two copies of the transaction. The manual copy has info I can’t get from a bank (such as what project I bought an item for); the downloaded copy may have institution data I might need someday.

This is really interesting! We are working on the Reconcile Feature (slowly) and I’ll make sure this feedback gets included.

Right now there isn’t a way to do this. I think it’s looking for matches on Account #, Account Name, and Amount within a date range. Perhaps you can change those values in the manual one to match the automated one then try the reconcile flow again?

Thank you. I will try that; it sounds promising.
Greg Corning

As @heather mentioned, @cogreg, check for exact matches in the column she listed. Also check that:

  • The Transaction ID for the manual transaction starts with “manual:”
  • The Metadata for the manual transaction contains this text: {"manualTransaction":{"reconcile":true,"ignoredIds":[]}}

It should work if all of these fields are setup properly. Let us know what was missing.

I do like your solutions of manually matching and forcing two transactions to merge.

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