Can I merge spreadsheets? Would I want to?

I am a relatively new user. I have set up my feeds, a few spreadsheets, and categories. Everything is good (excellent, in fact). I just found the Envelop Budget template (EBT) which is the direction I want to go. It looks to my inexperienced eyes that, in order to use EBT I will have to copy everything over from a spreadsheet to the new template. That doesn’t seem right. Can I merge the 2 spreadsheets? Maybe copy over the Budget tab from EBT and replace the Budget tab from the standard template?

I was basically at this same place and wanted to use the EBT. I made a copy my Foundation workbook, on which to experiment. I deleted the Categories, Yearly Budget and Monthly Budget sheets. Then to add the sheets for the EBT, i went to Add-ons, Tiller, Envelope Budget, Start. This added the appropriate sheets.

I copied in the categories from my original workbook. Set rollover to categories, generally to the same category. Checked to be sure all the categories were correct in transaction sheet, as I did change some categories. Opened the budgets history sheet and made all the necessary changes to get it up to date. I had rollover amounts from previous software and added the extra months to start from 01Jan2020. Watch youtube and scour the tutorial to become familiar with what you need to edit. Then I went month to month from January forward in the monthly budget sheet getting everything balanced. I did all this to keep some of the original sheets in the Foundation workbook. Likely could have done this some other way but it made sence to me and it was a good exercise.

You will become very familiar with the Budgets History sheet and the Analyze Budgets History function located at Add-ons, Tiller, Envelope Budget, Analyze Budgets History. As you edit Budgets History you will need to apply those changes with the Analyze Budgets History function. You can then see your changes in the Monthly Budget sheet. Youtube tutorials were quite helpful in visualizing what to do. It took me most of the week to get everything how I wanted it. As you change things in the Monthly Budget sheet to get things to balance, the Budgets History sheet will reflect the changes. This is the most tedious part of setup and a zero based budget is a more tedious budget method to maintain; but, it’s worth the effort.

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That makes sense Brian. Thanks much for your reply, I will give it a try this weekend.