Can I run just *one* AutoCat rule at a time?

I just added a description field for an existing AutoCat rule. Now I want to run just this one rule and have it apply to all existing transactions. I know it will start working for new, incoming transactions, but I want it to update existing ones mainly so that my Yearly Insights will properly combine one particular shopping venue/category. I looked through the options in in the Extension and it seems like running AutoCat will run all rules, and the vast majority of my rules do not need to be run on existing transactions…

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Hi @dixonge,

I’m not aware of a setting to run a single AutoCat rule, but I can think of a couple of workarounds to accomplish what you are looking to do.

  • Use a pared-down copy of your AutoCat sheet
    1. Make a copy of your AutoCat sheet
    2. Rename the original to something other than “AutoCat”
    3. In the copied sheet, delete all rules aside from the one(s) you want to run
    4. In AutoCat Run Settings, set Run AutoCat Rules On to All Transactions
    5. Run AutoCat and verify your rules have applied as desired
    6. Revert any temporary changes made
  • Manually make the changes, assuming the rule is simple enough
    1. Filter your Transactions sheet (Data → Filter views → Create new filter view) by the shopping venue(s) your AutoCat rule applies to
    2. Change the applicable columns for the first transaction
    3. Copy → Paste Special → Values only (Ctrl+Shift+V) the values down to the range of remaining transactions
    4. Remove the filter on your Transactions sheet.

Hopefully one of these should do the trick!

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yeah, I think filtering + copy/pasting is going to be simplest. I think Ockham would agree… :rofl:

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Great! I’m glad I could give you a solution that works. :slight_smile: