Can you set alerts for spending limits

I’m thinking about doing the month-long trial but before I do so, I’m wondering if there is a way to set spending limits and then have Tiller email and/or text me when I’m getting within a certain amount of my spending limit. For example, if my limit is $4,000 for the month, and I hit $3,000 by the 15th of the month, can Tiller send me an alert saying “you have spent $3,000 of your $4,000 limit with 15 days left in your cycle”? I know you can set it up to have Tiller email you daily. My question is different than that.

I don’t know of anything out of the box that does this, but I imagine you could set up a Zap with a Zappier account that looks at a specific cell in a Tiller sheet (maybe populated by a sumif for the current month), and then have an email sent to you from that? The limitation here would also be that Tiller would only be able to sum up spending for categorized transactions, so depending on how often you are categorizing things / how many AutoCat rules you have set up, the alert may come too late relative to the actual spending (also, Tiller does not pull in pending transactions so you will always be potentially missing a few so the alert will likely always be “too late”).

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