Can't Add My Vanguard Account

I there, I am new to Tiller and I am trying to add my Vanguard account to the dashboard but I am getting this notification that says “Unexpected Site Error” Any ideas?

:wave:, @jpbisilliat. Generally errors like this resolve on their own after a few days. So I’d just keep trying. If it’s still not working in a couple days, I’d recommend reaching out to our customer success team via the chat in the lower right corner of the console at - let them know you’ve already tried a few times over a few days. They’ll be best equipped to help you get this resolved.

I also get this error with my Vanguard account when I go to the dashboard, but the account still updates everyday on its own. Not sure why.

I also am facing this problem.

@roger.chu91 , I’d recommend reaching out to our support team using the chat tool in the lower right corner of the Console at - in some cases we need to contact our data provider if trying again periodically over a week period doesn’t work and the team via chat is best equipped to help.