Can't find the instructions on how to convert my exisiting bot drive

I mistakenly clicked on the tiller add-on and clicked ‘update sheets’ on my main monthly budget sheet that is currently fed by the tiller bot. How do I make sure I don’t have this sheet being updated by both sides?

I found it here. But now I see that I have to do quiet a bit of steps to do this. I may transition my spreadsheet to a whole new one.

Hi @mar5,

We can turn the Feedbot off in that original sheet so it’s not being fed by both sides if you prefer or you can start in a fresh sheet. I believe you’re using your own custom template or were you using one of ours?

Can you? Maybe private message me and I can give you the details you need to turn off the feedbot. I am using a custom sheet.

@mar5, please just ping me via and we’ll get it taken care of that way. Thanks!