Capital One connection issue

I have 2 capital one accounts which are different and seperate - one for me and one for my wife. My account syncs fine - i do 2fa every time and it works. Hers was working but now we get a pop up which says hmm looks like capital one needs you to do something but we dont know what it is but we cant update your account until you visit the site. When i go to capital one, there is nothing apparent which i have to “do”. Her account is set up with 2fa also. What could it be?

@joek, did you already reach out to our support team via Chat about this?

If not, I’d recommend reaching out.

In general, when this type of error comes up it’s helpful to navigate to the transactions list for every account associated with the login when you’re directly logged in to the bank’s site to see if you get a pop up asking for some type of confirmation of new Terms of Service. Or you can visit the account profile information page and just make sure the contact information is up to date. Sometimes even just re-entering the same email or phone number and then confirming/saving will address it.

If that doesn’t help we’ll likely need to contact our data provider and the support team via chat will be most equipped to help.