Capital One is not connecting

I am not able to get Capital One since last 12 days. Is anyone facing this issue? What can be done to resolve? Any options?

The Known Data Feed Issues & Workarounds says there’s an issue with refreshing Capital One banking accounts affecting 54% of users, but it started on the 9th.

I’d suggest making sure you can log in on the Capital One website, and if that’s working try reentering your credentials in Tiller.

Thanks for the response.

I am able to login to the bank website without any issues.

When I try to edit credentials in Tiller, it stays on at “Loading” and not allowing me to update it.

We’re aware of an issue where customers who have 3rd party cookies disabled are seeing this “loading” behavior. You just need to allow 3rd party cookies for the Tiller Money Console so our system can make the connection to our data provider to pull your accounts and data in.

Follow the steps in this guide to enable 3rd party cookies for Tiller Money in Google Chrome.

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