Capitalone and multiple credit cards not showing in connected accounts

I have 2 CC accounts with capitalone. I was able to login to capitalone account via the money feeds easy enough, but once it is logged in, capital one asks which accounts I want to allow access to. The issue I have is that the newer account is not showing as an account that is available for the transaction feeds.

The only differences between these accounts is that one is newer (2 months old), as well, the newer one has a balance transfer on it.

Other than that, its a very similar credit card.

Any idea what the issue might be?

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I am answering my post, b/c I was able to figure out how to resolve the issue. I disconnected Tiller<->capitalone link/connection, both on Tiller side and on the CapitalOne side. As well (and I dont know if this helped at all) I disconnected my old mint link/connection from my CapitalOne and quicken. I basically cleaned up any old connections I had.

I then came back to Tiller and reconnected and both accounts finally showed up.

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Check below steps-

-Verify settings and preferences for both accounts, especially privacy settings.

-Reach out to their support team for insights or solutions.

-The balance transfer on the newer account might affect its visibility; wait for it to complete.

-Investigate any issues with how Money Feeds or TillerHQ interacts with Capital One’s system.

It might take time for the newer account to be fully recognized; accounts often need to be established for a period before integration.

Hope it helps !

Thank you

Welcome, @MrCredible :wave:

My guess is that this was the issue @MrCredible - there is some quirkiness from our data provider regarding accounts appearing/working properly if there are balance discrepancies.

Thanks for coming back to the post and sharing your solution.