Card which allows tracking individual authorized users

Hi, is anyone aware of a credit card which, when imported into Tiller, allows the tracking of individual users? I have multiple users authorized on my capital one quicksilver and they all come in as the same account but i would like to see them seperated by user.

Hi @joek In authorized user situations, the feeds are somewhat limited. While the physical card numbers may be different, we find the data is associated with a single account number with the institution.

Our data provider only feeds transactions by account number so there isn’t a way to see the granular card number in the transaction’s details.

Sorry for any inconvenience. I hope it’s something our data provider will be able to improve in the future.

For now, if you need to see those transactions by card/user, it would be a manual process. Feel free to add a new column in your Transactions sheet to track it there.


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