Cash Flow Forecast template question

I have a question about the Cash Flow Forecast template from Tiller Money Labs. The incomes I put under “Life Events” are not applied to my forecast. Please help thanks!

Hi @roger.chu91 ,
Did you add or delete any rows or columns to your sheet?
Or put any data in the white cells? Only green background cells should be editable.

I’m unable to duplicate what you are seeing.
Maybe try re-installing the sheet?


Yes I inserted rows in Life Events and I think that broke it. I fixed it by restoring the sheet. Thanks!


Follow up questions.

When I put Income Budget Change / Year to 5%, it’s showing that my Yearly Cash Flow is becoming more negative. Shouldn’t it become more positive?

And when I put Expense Budget Change / Year to 3%, my Yearly Cash Flow doesn’t change?


Your image shows negative cash flow. Please see the language below which comes from the link below. Read this very closely. This template pulls amounts from the budget columns in your categories sheet. Modify those budget numbers and then those results will flow over.



The sheet works best if you have a Tiller Categories sheet with monthly Budgets in place for the current year.

Core Income and Expense Budgets

The Cash Flow Forecast sheet looks at the Categories sheet to establish your baseline cashflow from your existing income/expense budget. If you have monthly budget columns for the current year, those budget values will be annualized and used.

Income or expenses in categories that are hidden from reports are not included.

If you do not have budgets for the current year or want to use a different initial range, see the FAQ #1 below for how the initial Income and Expense range is determined and can be overridden.

This sheet doesn’t use any information from the Transactions or Balance History sheets. It only uses the amounts in your budget located in the Categories sheet.


@Blake Hey thanks for your input but I don’t think it addresses my questions though?

Hi @roger.chu91 ,
Thanks for alerting us to this issue.
I believe there is an error in the formula in hidden cell R2.
There is a reference to E5 in the POW() function that should be changed to E6.

New formula in R2:

Give that a try and see if it makes more sense.

We will update the template shortly.


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Thank you so much! This is too advance for me so I’m just gonna wait for the updated template lol

The template has been update to version 0.91.
You can update your sheet using the Tiller Labs add on.


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