Cash Flow Forecast template sheet broke after update

I updated the template to 0.92 today. After doing that, my forecast chart is showing no data. My retirement planner template also stops working.

Can you peek over at the hidden columns on the right side of your sheet, @roger.chu91 and let us know if any columns are blank or show #NA?

Also, sometimes, when a sheet is dependent on another sheet (e.g. Retirement Planner references Cash Flow Forecast) and the “upstream” sheet is updated, the links within the “downstream” sheet (i.e. Retirement Planner) break. Can you try performing a restore on the Retirement Planner?

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I restored the Retirement Planner sheet and both templates work fine now. Thank you!

Glad to hear it, @Roger.chu91.


I’m having the same problem. I see the numerical data, but the chart says just “No data”. I’m a new user and recently installed the Cash Flow Forecast tab as part of the Retirement Planner tab installation. I don’t recall exactly, but it’s possible that the Cash Flow chart has always said “No Data”. I’ve restored both tabs multiple times with no change.

Note that the Retirement Planner chart does seem to show correctly. It’s only the Cash Flow forecast tab that says “No data” in the chart.

I’d appreciate any help! Thank you.


I spoke too soon about the Retirement planner tab correctly getting data from the Cash Flow Forecast. The Retirement Planner shows only $0 in column N. And cells AQ-AS rows 9-11 all show errors.

So, part of this is now fixed. The Cash Flow Forecast chart data now shows after I expanded the hidden columns. When I collapsed them again, the chart disappeared again, but the sheet showed me a message saying: “Data in hidden columns is excluded from the chart” and then gave me a clickable option to “Include columns”. Now it all looks fine.

I’m still having the problem with the Retirement Planner not getting the cash flow data. But I’ll pursue that on another thread.