Categories column in transactions had validation removed

I accidentally removed validation (with dropdowns) from the categories column in the transactions sheet. Can someone point me in the right direction to fix it?

Thank you!

If all else fails, you could just revert to an earlier version of the whole sheet. It’s my go to OOOPs fixer and has bailed me out many a bad choice.

Select all the cells you want to add the menu to, go to Data/Data Validation. The ‘Apply to range’ should already be filled in with the cells you selected. Set Criteria to ‘Dropdown (from a range)’ and then set the range to =Categories!$A$2:$A
Then go to ‘Advanced options’ and change ‘Display Style’ from ‘Chip’ to ‘Arrow’. Click ‘Done’ and you should be set!

Thank you so much! I had almost figured it out but you got me the rest of the way there.

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