Categories disappear from savings budget view

On my savings budget page it doesn’t show some of my categories. It’s like it runs out of space at line 40. I can regroup a category and it will show up but whatever the bottom category was doesn’t show up anymore.

Can you add a screenshot of the bottom of your categories page? I suspect your last entry is outside of the defined table area.

Is this what you need?

@rcb226 it could actually be running out of space. :thinking: I wonder if some formulas need to be dragged down or more rows added? I’m not super familiar with that template but just a couple ideas.

It seems like thats whats happening. If I hide a category on the categories tab the next one alphabetically pops us. I can’t find anywhere to expand either on the savings budget tab or the categories tab.

I just tested this in my own sheet and created 41 categories. You can see that even though test 1-12 are in numerical order, for some reason they are a bit scrambled in the list on the Savings Budget template. Can you double check if maybe those categories (whatever you add after line 40 in the Categories sheet) aren’t missing, they are just in a different order?