Categories not adding up

I recently deleted a lot of the rollover data on my monthly budget spreadsheet. However when I did that, now my categories will not add up. For instance on my expense side I have the following categories:

Debt Payment
Upkeep Expenses

Within those categories there is sub-categories. For instance within Upkeep Expenses there is:

Baby Upkeep
Car Upkeep
Dog Upkeep
Groceries Upkeep
Health Upkeep
Monthly Bills

Upkeep expenses will not add up. I tried using the sum function but it made things worse.

Please help.


hi @david.myones, it sounds like you’re using the envelope budget template? I’m guessing because you mentioned rollovers. If so, you can try restoring the budget dashboard

  1. Open the add-ons menu at the top of the Google Sheet
  2. Choose Tiller > Envelope Budget > Restore Dashboard

If that doesn’t help, let me know whether they’re not adding up in the actuals, available or where.