Categories not totaling up

Hi - why do my categories not total up?

For example, in my ‘Foundation Template’ it shows $488.90 of ‘Groceries’ categorized (Monthly Budget sheet).

In the same workbook, in the ‘Category Sheet’, it only shows $-11.10 of Groceries.

I doubled checked the dates and also refreshed the workbooks.

Any ideas why these don’t match up? Screenshots below. Thanks in advance.

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They appear to line up to me. Note that the Foundation template displays absolute values. You’ve budgeted 500, spent 11.10 and have 488.90 remaining in your budget for the category. The report shown only reflects the actual transactions for the category and not the remaining balance for the category.

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Thanks for your contribution, @starsky.lewis. The Monthly Budget is showing net Grocery spend (of -11.10) which seems to match up on both sheets.

Am I misunderstanding the question, @justin?