Categories Sheet Is Incompatible Error on Template Insertion

@randy I connected Tiller with an existing Google Sheet, and it created the Categories/Transactions/Balance History tabs and populated the data without issue. I then added AutoCat (I don’t think this is related, but just giving all the steps I took!). Then I tried to go into Tiller Community Solutions to add the Monthly Budget and Live Profit and Loss, and with both I got this error:

“Your spreadsheet already contains a sheet with a name, Categories, that will conflict with this solution.”

The Categories sheet was the one Tiller added, so this error was unexpected. Is there a workaround to this? Thanks for your help!

The issue— and it certainly isn’t obvious— is that there are two versions of the Categories sheet. Both have the same sheet name, one has the budget columns… and they have different identifying metadata.

Fortunately, as of this afternoon, a new build of the TMF add-on should help. Can you reload your tab with your Tiller spreadsheet (to pull the updated add-on), open TMF, and try to install the Monthly Budget from the new Templates sidebar menu, @Caroleen? This approach should update your Categories sheet (without budgets) to include budgets.