Category & Groups

Would anyone be interested in sharing their Category and Group setup on a shared Google Sheet?

My goal is to learn from others and refine my own setup to what works for me while learning what is the best approach from others.

For example, I want to eventually create a monthly Income Statement and Balance Sheet from an approach similar to company financial statements.

Thanks in advance to those that want to collaborate on this. Here is the Google Sheet link. Please update one tab with your categories and groups, in text format. Feel free to add your username and any notes too (optional).

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I don’t mind sharing my categories and groups. Also, a lot of people have shared theirs in this post:

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Thanks @matt Here is the link.

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I just added mine to the shared link. Probably a lot more detailed than most as this year we’re trying to reign in some spending, so we’re detailing out most everything (eg. grocery receipts broken into Food/Food-Hers/Food-His) to shine a light on where the problems are.

Thanks @jpfieber! I will certainly learn from some of your categories and how you have grouped them. These will be most helpful for my immediate setup/refinements:

Category Group Type
Transfer In Transfer Transfer
Transfer Out Transfer Transfer
Cashback Unearned Income
Dividends Unearned Income
Interest Unearned Income
UnearnedIncome Unearned Income