Category Report- OTHER

So when I create a category report only some of my transactions " show up under a category called " Other “. So for example let’s say I use Kroger’s for groceries… Sometimes it automatically shows up under groceries and sometimes it categorizes it as " Other”… I have basically only Living and Discsretionarry as my main categories for which Groceries is one of the subcategories under Living… When I go into the listing of the transactions it does appear to be correctly categorized as groceries but does show up under " other". I have other similar problems under " Other " but this is just one of them. Help

I’m trying to diagnose exactly what the issue is here:

-Is it an AutoCat problem where some transactions at Kroger’s are being categorized as Groceries and some are being categorized as Other?

-Is it that some transactions are categorized as Other, but not showing up on a Category Report for Other?

If it’s neither of those, could you clarify? It’s a little hard to follow where exactly things are breaking down. Once we figure that out, there will be folks ready to help.

Thank you for asking. Yes, it is the first response where the Auto Cat is categorizing some as Other and some as Groceries… Does that help?

Well sorry if this is a duplicate answer… I don’t see my original reply here.
I think I just answered my own question… It had 2 of the same categories for the same transactions. I have changed all of this … so I will give it a few days and see what happens

It is likely that there is a whitespace character in some of your Grocery categorizations… so essentially the category sometimes isn’t recognized. I’d recommend applying data validation to your Transactions sheet in the Categories column (I’m not sure why this isn’t in place already) and it should highlight the values that aren’t allowed.