Category Rollup Report-Showing Unexpected Group Name

looks like it is categorized correctly (HOA FEE) and the numbers are right, it just reads “Other” instead of “Rental Expense” for the group. Is there a max for groups in categories?
this is how it reads it category rollup report

OTHER -$489.95
OTHER -$489.95
Hoa Fee -$489.95
1/21/2022 Salish XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX -$489.95

@jtandterry The Foundation template is built to support 200 categories. @heather may know if there is a limit on groups.

Strange. Is it possible the category name is in the Categories sheet more than once?

I have 11 groups and no groups that have a name other

Groups are : Bills,Discretionary,Health Care, Investments,Living,Retirement Income,taxes,tranfer types, uboc savings,misc income,pet care

:wave: @jtandterry!

You mentioned that the Hoa Fee should be int he “Rental Expense” group but in your list of groups I don’t see one for “Rental Expense” also, if there isn’t a “Type” applied on the Categories sheet for the “Hoa Fee” category that could also be causing issues. Can you double check on your Categories sheet that the Hoa Fee category has group “Rental Expense” and Type “Expense” ?

here it is from categories

HOA FEE Rental Expense Expense Tax $489.95 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

I recreate report it shows other still

OTHER -$489.95
OTHER -$489.95
Hoa Fee -$489.95
1/21/2022 Salish Breeze Co Salish Bre -$489.95

Hi @jtandterry:

Weighing back in …here’s a couple questions and things to try…

  1. On your Categories sheet, delete the entire row holding the HOA FEE category. (If you have lots of hard-to-remember data on this line…previous years, etc., make a note of it prior.)
  2. Create the HOA FEE category again at the next empty line of the sheet. (You can resort the rows, if you wish.)
  3. Run the report and see how it looks.

As @heather mentions, for this to work, you need to have a group called, Rental Expense, but it isn’t in the list you offered. (Was that an oversight or is it not present when you look down your Group column on the Categories sheet?)

If none of this works, can you list your Category sheet column headings, left to right, up to the months, including hidden columns? (From your post, it looks like you may have a custom column, and that’s fine…just trying to get a clear picture. I have had problems when, for some reason, my column headings were not what is expected.)

it worked so you can close the issue

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Sensational! Glad it is working as you expected. All the best.