Category Schedule - How to Include More Than 10 Categories?

In the top section of the Category Schedule template, there are rows for up to 10 categories to populate from the data entered in the bottom section. I have 12 categories for which I’m budgeting irregular expenses and income, but two categories are not auto-populating in the top section. It seems the template is not configured to automatically insert additional rows in the top section. Can I manually insert new rows in the top section without breaking the template? Does it matter where I insert the rows (top, middle, bottom of category list)? And would I need to copy fill formulas from an existing row into the new rows?

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I expanded mine. It’s been a while, but I think I first added some rows in the middle of the list (I expanded mine from 10 to 20, so I added an extra 10 rows). You’ll then have to click on A5 and change the LIMIT number in the formula, I think it was 10 to start with, I changed mine to 20. You’ll then need to copy the formulas for columns C through R into the new rows. Easiest way to do that is to select those columns in the row above the blank rows, then grab the ‘fill handle’ in the lower right corner of the selection and drag down until it covers the new rows. Let go and the formulas should fill into the blank cells. I think that’s all I had to do, but @Brad.warren can chime in if I missed anything.

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You nailed it, @jpfieber! Thanks for outlining the steps. (I will run through the process again on my own sheen to confirm and then update the documentation with these items for others soon.)
Way to go @baileyjrs for getting a handle on your budgeting!

@jpfieber - That worked! I would not have figured out the Limit formula adjustment, so thanks for your help!

@Brad.warren - Thanks for building a great tool! So much better than a less effective manual approach I was previously using to build up the planned expenses for each budget category. Really like the ‘baseline / discrete irregular’ expense concept too.

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Thanks, @baileyjrs. It was a team effort with the professionals at Tiller and the good users in the community.

Glad its working for you.

@jpfieber, I’ve added the new steps in the documentation, here. Thanks for the tip.