Category Tracker Customization

I am wondering if it is possible to hide certain transaction types in the category tracker in Excel.
I have transfers, tax payments, and other stuff I wish to filter out.

Hi @buzzmaster1 - The Category Tracker is hiding any categories marked as Hide in the “Hide From Reports” column in the Categories sheet. So you could go there to the Categories sheet and check that the category is marked hide for those transactions that you don’t want to see in the tracker. Note that this may affect other reports too.

I am not looking to hide them overall but just in this report.

Ok I have another idea that you can try out then–

In the Categories sheet, add a column at the end called something like Hide Cat Tracker, like in this screenshot. Make sure you allow Excel to extend the current table called Categories (spanning from A to P columns) which it should try to do automatically.

In the Category Tracker, replace “Hide From Reports” with “Hide Cat Tracker” in the formulas in L3,M3,N3:

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thanks, i will try that