Category Tracker (Excel)

Can you clarify, @marshallagg87, what “the same issue” is? The thread is long and varied and it is easy to lose track of what you’re referring to. What isn’t working correctly about the totals?

Do you know the edit I would make to the Description formula (Query) to organize the output of Descriptions of the specified category by Amount instead of Category? Just trying to visualize this list with the largest spends at the top. Thank you.

Unless you’re really clever, @mu3484343, that will take an intermediate calculation. The formula in I9 just generates a list of unique descriptions that have the selected category. These are alphabetized. Then, J9 generates sums for each of them.

To do what you’re asking for, you’d basically want to generate that table (maybe in the hidden area)… then sort it in the visible area.

Thanks! I did exactly that and it works very well. The hidden area allows a lot of great things to get done.


Glad to hear you figured it out. Wasn’t the easiest of problems. :trophy:

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Hi- relatively new user to Tiller here (< 2 mo). Loving it so far. Started to add some of the cool tab/sheets developed by the community. I was able to copy the “Year to Date Comparison’” written by @jpfieber to my Tiller workbook no problem.

But when I tried to copy this "Category Tracker” (v1.62) to my Tiller workbook, I get the following error. (below). I get this error even when I try to copy the sheet over to a blank workbook. Any tips/ pointers to resolve this copy error?

FWIW, I did note there are two sheets in the Tiller Workbook that are hidden by default: “Balance History” and “New Year”. Unhiding them did not change anything - still got the same error below. And I will also note they were hidden when I successfully uploaded/copied the “Year to Date Comparison” sheet.

Edit: I also just tried to copy over the “Monthly Analysis worksheet” and got the same error. Very odd!

Thank you.

Hello ddredie,

the good thing is that this error is easy to solve! Prior to moving the sheet from the template to your working file, right click on the excel sheet tab in the template and choose “unhide” to make another sheet in the template visible. Once you have more than one sheet visible in the template, you will be able to move the sheet of interest to your working file without the error. If you want to keep the template in tact when you close the template, undo “autosave” in the tool bar.


Thank you @lorrainedamico ! I just realized the error message comes about because I am moving the Sheet from workbooks that only have one sheet. So when you ‘move’ it to the Tiller workbook, it leaves the original workbook with zero sheets, which isn’t allowed.

So creating a blank worksheet in the ‘from’ file (now has 2 tabs) allows the ‘move’ to work flawlessly.

Thank you for the help!

yep, glad you got it solved!

I am not able to get period totals or amounts in the description section of the Category tracker sheet.

I am on the latest version of Excel and Windows 10 with all updates. Category tracker is version 1.62. I see similar issues in earlier threads but not with #VALUE. Any thoughts?

Category tracker error

I just realized the error message comes about because I am moving the Sheet from workbooks that only have one sheet. So when you ‘move’ it to the Tiller workbook, it leaves the original workbook with zero sheets, which isn’t allowed.

Oh… interesting. Hadn’t seen that problem before. Usually, I click the “Copy” checkbox and don’t encounter this issue. Good debugging.

It’s hard to tell based on what you’re showing, @bcasagr, but I wonder if you are missing a reference to a critical column (e.g. like Amount in the Transactions sheet). If you peek at the formulas in I9 and J9, do you see any ref errors?

Hi Randy - the install instructions say don’t check the ‘copy’ checkbox. I has wondered why this was so, but if you’re staying it doesn’t matter, that perhaps you might consider updating the install instructions.


I9 looks fine. J9 I get this:



Formula in J9:

Category tracker is an amazing and useful tool.
Right now it lists the expenses in something that looks like a random order and includes the categories with no expenses.
Is it possible to list them from higher expense to lower and remove categories with no expenses?

It’s definitely possible but you’d have to rework your worksheet a little bit. You can see that the category order is generated in cell I9. Then, the amounts are calculated in J9 and down.

If you want to do this, I’d recommend moving these calculations to the hidden area, then writing a new query referencing that (hidden) data with appropriate SORT and FILTER functions.

First Post and thank you for this tool. I know that this must be something I am doing but if I leave the default formula I get the #NAME? and no category total. It looks like it is because the formula doesn’t understand Transactions[Description] because if I change the formula to Transactions[Full Description] it works. I am using MS365. Any thoughts:

Works: =IF(ISBLANK(I9),“”,SUMPRODUCT(Transactions[Amount](Transactions[Category]=$I$6)(Transactions[Date]>=$E$2)(Transactions[Date]<=$G$2)(Transactions[Full Description]=$I9)))

Doesn’t work: =IF(ISBLANK(I9),“”,SUMPRODUCT(Transactions[Amount](Transactions[Category]=$I$6)(Transactions[Date]>=$E$2)(Transactions[Date]<=$G$2)(Transactions[Description]=$I9)))


@bburwell usually the NAME error indicates you might not be using a version of Excel installed via a Microsoft 365 subscription. The Foundation Template requires that you use a Microsoft 365 version of Excel. If you do have a version installed via a M365 account please make sure that you have installed all available updates for Windows and Office.

@morgan this is my current version which I believe is the latest MS365 version
Microsoft® Excel® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2401 Build 16.0.17231.20194) 64-bit

Then I’m not sure… my next hunch would be the data reference just not finding the column listed by just “Transactions” but I won’t really know the issue without taking a look at the spreadsheet.

Have you tried downloading the Category Tracker into a fresh & unedited Foundation Template?