Category tracker - filtering out certain categories as Transfers

I like the Category Tracker, I wonder if there is a way to exclude certain categories perhaps with a drop-down of selection boxes? Essentially I am trying to understand “What does my spending look like without categories x, y & z?”, if there is an easier way to achieve that, welcome suggestions, but this one basically does it, just without filtering capability.

In addition, would be good to be able to filter out transfers as that add noise, really want to focus on spending.

I created two sheets, the Transaction Tracker for Google Sheets and Group Exclusion Report that might help. But the simplest solution is to make sure your “Transfer” category is marked as Transfer in the Type column, (or hide from reports) so it will be hidden in most reports. The GER, allows you to search a specific group/account, etc, and then you can exclude a specific group from the main list of transactions (or call out a group).

Thanks! These are useful. So sounds like it would actually be a good idea to add those filters you have in the Transaction Tracker into Spending Report to enable essentially the same functionality there.

I think they are defaulted to exclude hidden categories. In your Categories sheet, if the column Type is “Transfer” those are usually excluded from reports. There’s also a column Hide from Reports which you can mark.

Correct, “Transfers” are indeed usually excluded, but for some reason they are not excluded in the Spending report, I think that’s somewhat inconsistent, likely the Spending Report should exclude them as well by default.

Yes, I can go into Accounts and “hide” certain things and then they’ll disappear, but that’s a bit convoluted of a workflow and I already have certain accounts that I want to hide always, where as here the use case is to “hide” certain things temporary on the Spending report only in order to interactively better understand one’s spending pattern and run “what if” scenarios. (ex: Lets if I didn’t eat out in Restaurants and didn’t Travel, what would my spending look like).