Category Tracker not displaying value in right side for categories with apostrophes

I have 2 budget categories: husband’s money and wife’s money. These display a period total of $0 when selected as the category on the right side, and no transactions are shown. All other categories without an apostrophe display correctly.

Hi @ssenneff: Welcome to the community!

I am not following (apologies!) What sheet are you working on and what do you mean when you say, “when selected as the category on the right side?”

Note: I have found that you can’t use apostrophes in tags that are part of query statements.

I am using the Google Sheets Category Tracker Refresh. I just installed it yesterday. Here is what I’m seeing which seems incorrect. Note that this is in a Category name, not a tag.

Whenever templates use the string-based QUERY() function to filter on text with apostrophe’s things break down. It is a well-established problem with no great solutions. Some templates handle it a little more gracefully than others.

I made a small change to the Category Tracker so it will better handle categories with single-quotes (but more poorly-handle categories with double quotes… which I assume are more rare).

Your fix works beautifully! Thanks Randy.