CD rollover - new account number, same account ID

I’ll preface this by saying that I cannot for the life of me tell if this is a bug or an intended behavior. It confused the heck out of me for a while, but ultimately it makes things a lot easier so I hope it is intended.

I recently rolled over a CD (same bank, same term, new account number, new amount). Somehow, Tiller appears to have picked up on some degree of sameness between the accounts, because its assigned the new CD to the same “Account ID” as the old one.

I’m curious if the good folks here can comment on:

  1. Is this an intended behavior, and if so:
  2. What are the criteria for “sameness” that result in two accounts getting the same ID in tiller’s system?
  3. Is there a way to do this manually when it doesn’t happen automatically?

This is the first time I’ve rolled over a CD at the same institution - previous rollovers have involved moving the CD from one bank to another, presumably meaning that “sameness” (whatever it is) wasn’t enough to trigger assigning the same account ID within Tiller. That’s resulted in a few accounts that will now sit at zero balance forever, which isn’t huge but does make the net worth tool cumbersome. It would be helpful to be able to fix that.

@JrBIAnalyst if it has the same Account ID then the changes to the name and last four digits of the account came from our data provider, Yodlee. We didn’t do anything to intentionally “merge” them together, Yodlee must have done that and I suspect it was only because the bank/FI did that.