Change manual account name in Excel

Hi - Excel User. I am trying to change the names on my accounts and assign to custom groupings for a personal balance sheet/net worth statement. I have changed the Acct # and Acct ID# fields with the updated names in the Balance History tab; then I go to Accounts tab, but my updates are not reflected in the ‘selections’ down arrow menu…
Am I missing a step? Thanks for any help!

:wave: @gpen !

If you still need help with this, I want to make sure I understand.

You’re trying to update how the account names for manual accounts that appear on the Balances sheet in your Excel Foundation Template workbook?

I’m assuming that you’ve been manually adding balance history entries for these accounts per the guide below, right?

If so, you should just need to change the name for all the entries in the Balance History sheet - you shouldn’t need to modify the account # or account ID for the manual accounts to reflect the new name.

Let me know if that doesn’t help.

Hi Heather –
I created a separate tab for manual accounts and will just update periodically in that tab.

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