Change Name on Manual Account

I read the one thread re custom account names but unclear.

I have a very small rural bank not capable of auto updates. I have only a handful of manual balance updates. I just want to include the Bank’s name in the Account (right now it says “Health Savings Account xxxx”, want it to say “Acme Bk Health Savings Account xxxx”).

Do I start by changing name in Account’s listing row, and ignoring “data validation error” and then going to each entry and changing there too?

Or, do I use a Tiller repair tool?

Thanks, fortunately only a very few transactions.

I have to do this every once in awhile when I change the way I name something or when I add a new manual account and later decide to give it a more friendly name.

I’ve found that the best way to do this is to go to the balance history sheet filter by that specific account name that you want to change and replace the account name with what you want it to be on all your balance history records. This will auto update the name of the account on your accounts sheet.


OMG! So simple!! I’ve been trying to figure out how to change the name on the only manual account I have. I had finally given up. Not at all clear why I didn’t think of this but thank you so much for clearly spelling it out!

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