Change ownership of Tiller sheet to transfer to new Google account?

I found the post about migrating one’s Tiller account from one Google address to another. I’m wondering if something far simpler would work. Instead of manually copying everything or using the migration assistant, could I simply transfer ownership of the Google Sheet to the new Google account? I understand I’d still have to cancel my Tiller account and start again by singing up with a new email address, reconnect bank accounts, etc…

I am forced to change Google accounts, so this is a pressing issue for me.

@batonking maybe you’ve already reached out to our support team about this by now, but wanted to be sure this thread got a response for others that might be looking.

Simply changing the ownership would work from the perspective of you not losing access to that specific spreadsheet.

However, since you would be starting a new account and re-adding all your financial institutions, when you link those new instances of the accounts to the spreadsheet you would end up with ~30-90 day overlap of duplicate transactions so you would still have some clean up to do.

Hopefully that makes sense.